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Sex Addiction Counselling in London & Online.

Sex Addiction Counselling or Sex Therapy helps to resolve problems and issues relating to sex compulsivity. This can take different forms, impact your relationships, self-esteem and your mental health.

Porn Addiction & Sex Addiction generally involve compulsivity and a problematic relationship with sex and/or use of pornography. You might wish to make changes but find it difficult: you try to make changes, but you keep relapsing into the same behaviour. Sex and the use of pornography no longer feels like a choice. This is likely to impact on your relationship, not just your relationship with porn and/or sex, but can be affecting the intimacy in your life. Sex becomes your main preoccupation and you can become easily distracted and obsessed over sex in a way that takes over your life.

Getting help is the first step, but it’s often the hardest one to take.

Sex Addiction Counselling is a Talking Therapy.

Regardless of your particular issue, it can sometimes be a difficult topic to talk about, so it’s important to know that with Leone Centre BACP and UKCP registered Counsellors, you are in safe hands.

Psychosexual therapy is a specialism within the counselling and psychotherapy profession.  Our experienced and hand selected therapists are members of the COSRT, College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists, professionally trained to understand and help you. We have a number of other therapists who also have experience working with addictions and the complexities that addiction and psychosexual issues bring to the relationship with yourself and your loved one.

All of our other counselling services, offer you non-judgemental support to help resolve your issues.

Leone Centre provides Online Counselling and in-person Sex Addiction Counselling, as well as professional relationship therapy online and at our practices in London. To book your first meeting with one of our therapists call us on 020 3930 1007 or use the booking link.

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